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Walk-On U was founded to expose the realities of being a walk-on in college sports today, to fuel and inspire change, and showcase those walk-ons rising up and shocking the world against all odds and reasonable expectations of hope.  Greater detail of Lavin’s pursuit of transformation is outlined in this website under the tab, MISSION


About the Author:  Tim Lavin wrote and published; WALK-ON U: The Shocking Truth Behind Football’s Unsung Underdogs.  Released in October of 2013, Lavin is fighting for change for walk-ons of today and tomorrow.  The plight of walk-ons is carefully detailed along with numerous interviews including the likes of Tom Osborne, Lou Holtz, Terry Donahue, Dabo Swinney, Karl Mecklenburg, and Mike Sherrard.  As a walk-on at USC, Lavin earned a football scholarship and knows both sides of the fence all too well.  He’s exposing the truth, showcasing the success stories, and fighting for the end of segregation of walk-ons within the NCAA.  The soft cover book and additional information can be found at and the ebook version is listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.




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