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Mission Statement


     To shed light on the world of walk-ons in college sports, primarily at the Division I level, by revealing consistent and unforgiving treatment, and exposing and overturning the unfair NCAA rules and policies of unwavering walk-ons.  We will educate high school athletes and their parents, showcase the successful collegiate walk-ons of today, rediscover and unveil the triumphant walk-ons of yesterday, and create a better stage for the walk-ons of tomorrow.

The Mission


     WALK-ON U illustrates the incredible phenomenon of the college Walk-On.  Depicting the ugly, the bad, and the good, this journey is about survival, education, physical strength, mental toughness, and character building of student athletes who, without athletic scholarships and true to their talents, walk-on the team in search of a dream. 

     The seldom discussed realities of true Walk-On experiences will cover everything from heart, determination, patience, and sheer will of these hope-to-be game-day athletes as they attempt to conquer massive amounts of adversity and abuse while they willfully pay to practice to prove themselves worthy.  This journey is about achieving a humbling internal victory, (not seen by the fans), both on and off the field, providing building blocks for future success in life after sports.

WALK-ON U is currently challenging the NCAA members to overturn outdated and unjust rules governing Walk-Ons; from training table, to insurance, to transferring schools. 

     Interviews across the country with former Walk-Ons, scholarship players, coaches, equipment managers, medical trainers, and athletic directors illustrate and substantiate the actual culture of drudgery walk-ons endure.

     Because of harsh treatment and few rewards, most successful Walk-Ons come away from their experience with more knowledge than their counterpart scholarship athletes and better prepared to face the oncoming world.  The never-ending desire to get up after being knocked down and keep coming back over and over again against all odds and reasonable expectations of hope give Walk-Ons the power to conquer their fears and prepare for success on the field, in their daily lives, relationships, and vocations.

     This educational and enlightening information is for any of the 8 million high school athletes who are considering walking-on for a college sports team should their dreams of earning an athletic scholarship not come true.  With a better understanding of the Walk-On life, some will conclude that this is not an experience they wish to bear.  Others will see an incredible opportunity, a challenge, and grasp at the chance to shock the world.  Being armed with the information from Walk-On U will help these athletes in making sound judgments which can ultimately affect the choice of school, career path, and direction in life.

     During the process the lowly, disrespected walk-on becomes a leader in the making fueled by passion with purpose.   The daily despair becomes the stimulant to conquer their tested will through insurmountable odds forcing them to achieve their greatest potential.   It is when their best is brought forth that perceptions change, respect sets in, and opportunities arise.

      The Walk-On journey is a life changing transformation; these under the radar, high-flying overachievers are ultimately awarded coveted membership into Walk-On University.   No matter the college or university across the country, there will always be a satellite campus secretly called, “Walk-On U.”



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